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Luxury hotels in Morocco

Morocco is a country of dazzling diversity - from ancient cities and stunning coastline, to sweeping deserts and epic mountain ranges

With the ocean to the west, the desert to the east, and the Atlas Mountain range cutting through its centre, Morocco is a land of many wonders.

With an intoxicating fusion of bustling medinas, traditional Berber villages, mighty deserts, snow-capped mountain peaks and white beaches, Morocco is an authentic feast for all the senses. Yves Saint Laurent, Sir Winston Churchill and Jean-Paul Gaultier all fell in love with Morocco, and it is no wonder – Morocco is an exotic whirlwind.

It displays a kaleidoscope of colours; from the whitewashed charms of Tangier and Essaouira, the striking blue-hued village of Chefchaouen, the vibrant Pink City of Marrakech to the golden hues of the Sahara Desert and the turquoise waters of the ocean.

The country’s lyrical landscapes are varied: the wild, rugged coasts of the Atlantic Ocean; the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea; the imposing Rif and Atlas Mountain ranges; rolling hills dotted with olive orchards near Fes; the Great South with wide valleys studded with date palm groves and red mud castles; the spectacular sights of the Todra Gorge, Morocco’s Grand Canyon, with its dramatic cliffs in all shades of red; the Dades Valley with its raw natural beauty graced with spectacular rock formations, lavish, green oases and elaborate kasbahs; and the vast sand dunes of the Sahara Desert stretching endlessly into the horizon. Morocco’s Imperial cities are steeped in history, from the administrative capital of Rabat to the spiritual and cultural riches of Meknes and Fes, to exotic Marrakech without forgetting the dazzling city of Casablanca, the cosmopolitan, economic heart of Morocco.

Whether spent in the stunning scenery of the Atlas Mountains, the enchanting setting of a historic city, on an endless stretch of sandy beach, a luxury Morocco holiday is sure to take your breath away.

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